Chicago Pet Show at work

Chicago Pet Show helps companies and rescues

Chicago Pet Show – Why we do what we do.

We’ve seen with our own eyes what  rescues do the work to get things done and they are in constant need of volunteers, fosters and just organizing people.   Rescues want to find the forever home where these pets will never have to endure the pain of being abandoned or abused again.



Whether you are looking for a forever friend, just want to take a peek at the world of pets, or looking for ways of improving the lives of  your pet family the Chicago Pet Show is where to be.

Rescues always need help and the Chicago Pet Show is the place for you to find forever homes, new fosters, volunteers, and get the word out about what your group .   Invite past adopters to come in and see you and catch up on the progress of their new pet.

Boutiques and online pet supply companies    The Chicago Pet Show is here to help you meet people face to face, offer discount coupons, bring new products to sell and have flyers that show what you can offer.


Manufacturers and Retailers:  Sometimes you need to get to the end user.  and let them know about your products or services.   The best way to promote your product is through education and demos and the Chicago Pet Show offers you just that.

About The Chicago Pet Show!

What are the Chicago Pet Shows about?

We’ve been doing consumer family friendly events for over 35  years  and bring  rescue groups and vendors to pet lovers.  This is the place to show new  items and services to help take care of the pet community.  The Chicago Pet Show introduces  veterinary, grooming, specialty shops as well as some of the pet food manufacturers.

We encourage rescues to “spread the word” throughout their groups. 50% of each adult ticket purchase goes back to the rescue on their coupon.  Demos, presentations, seminars, discussions for attendees are designed to create a pet community of awareness and to help everyone become aware of what sort of wonderful things are out there for their pets.