Adopt A Pet. Why it is better.

Most pet purchases happen on impulse and have given no thought at all as to how they will care for that wee little life, let alone what it grows up to be. The Chicago Pet Show is different.
The downside of selling a pet to anyone is that you lose the right to govern what happens to that pet from that moment on. Placing a pet through rescue, we have adopters sign an ironclad contract that protects the pet if the contract is broken … because a ‘purchase’ was not made. Adoption fees are ‘donations’ to the individual rescue. Home visits are done prior to the adoption to check out the truthfulness of statements that are made about the new home environment. That puts us in an informed position to put the right pet in the right home. It’s best for the pet and the family.
We produce two rescue events every year giving families opportunity to find a pet that fits their home and their live style. The families that do adopt have an opportunity to be part of that rescue through volunteer efforts and get together events. Rescues can help create a good bond between new pet and family and get parenting skills started within the new family! Each group will be more than happy to tell you about the upsides and down about each of the breeds that are up for adoption.
Pet food companies will explain why some foods are better than others and help you select the food that is best for your pet. Vets are on hand to answer questions that you may have about pets that you have currently as well as what is required to keep your new pet happy and healthy. Demonstrations, seminars, and fun games are all part of the show. Your ticket covers you for both days making it easier and more relaxed to see and talk to everyone. ½ of the adult ticket price goes back to help these rescues. Pony rides are at both events. Some commercial companies will be represented as well because of their sponsorship efforts and love for these animals.
The Chicago Pet Show gives you an opportunity to see these wonderful pets in a neutral relaxed environment where you can get to know them and the rescue groups that work with these wonderful animals. Most times they are in foster homes learning the ropes of house breaking, socializing, and love. You become part of something bigger a community of animal lovers. It’s all about the pets no matter what kind you are looking for.
If you are considering adoption please visit some of these wonderful rescues at our Chicago Pet Show events.  Our next event is at the Kane County Fairgrounds in St Charles, November 9 and 10 followed by Oak Lawn Pavilion Chicago Pet Show April 26 & 27, 2014.

For more information please visit our website at or just give us a call at 630-385-4000

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