The Chicago Pet Show November 12 & 13 at the Kane County Fairgrounds

Chicago Pet Show Goal November 12 – 13 Kane County Fairgrounds

Show hours:  Saturday & Sunday 10a – 5p

Chicago Pet Show Goal November 12 – 13 Kane County Fairgrounds where loving pets is certainly an American trait.  Over 60% of all households have pets, equating to 72 million homes. Dogs lead the pack in 45 million homes with cats coming in second at 38 million.

The Chicago Pet Show management shares this affection – particularly Peggy, parent of three Cavalier rescues (Maddie, Molly and Tinker), Long Haired Chihuahua Lola and a Lhasa Apso (Sammy). The staff’s personal interests expanded professionally when they developed a public expo to help all those in search of a pet, find one – as well as all products and services they may need for pet care.

Our goal in hosting the Chicago Pet Show is to help potential forever home parents to learn about different breed types and to assist in finding the perfect family fit, learn about doggie daycares, nutrition, holistic foods and supplies as well as dog waste cleanup services.

Peggy says, “All pets, pet services and products are invited to exhibit in the show … even the non-traditional pets.”  At that, she’s referring to exotic animals like, ferrets, birds, and others. “There’s no limitations on what people might expect to see at the show,” states Peggy, “…just a limitation on where I might be in the hall.  I’m a dog lover,” she adds.  Aside from dogs, cats and exotics, the show hopes to exhibit ferrets, sugar gliders, parrots, lovebirds, rabbits, cage birds and hamsters as well.  Peggy says, “No limits… so, who knows!”



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