In Memory of Mary “Mickey” Schmieder

I snapped this gem of my mom and this adorable pup, George, at the Chicago Pet Show in April, 2018. It is one of my favorite photographs for many reasons, some of which are personal.

Mom loved dogs. She taught us that dogs were family and should be treated as such. Mom absolutely loved West Highland White Terriers and Scottish Terriers and always had one or two. In 2013 I went through a divorce, and despite doing everything I could, I was forced to rehome my beloved Scottie dog, “Fenwick”. Mom with the assist and save… she and my dad gave Fenwick the home I couldn’t. After all, he was family.

When I became the official photographer for the Chicago Pet Show, mom was so excited for me. She was always my biggest cheerleader and supporter. She made it to almost all of the shows and had a blast networking with all the vendors (they loved her) and snuggling with the rescue pups (they loved her, too). “Rescued” became her favorite breed.

I had no idea this would be the last pet show she would attend. She will be missed by so many.

This photograph will forever remind me of why I am a photographer.

Christine Johnson
Shooting the Gap Photography

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