Meet and Greet with all the Furry Friends

Chicago Pet Show

This ain’t no shopping for furry buddies kinda event.

By Sammy the Show Dogg


Some peeps think the Chicago Pet Show is where ya go to buy pets. That’s not what it’s about.
Well, let me qualify that. Some animals (which crazy people call ‘pets’) will probably be there ta take with ya. I’m talkin’ about icky ones, like snakes an’ lizzard-like animals – all the reptilian types, even Jim Nesci is gonna be there with Bubba on Sunday. There’s gonna be dogs, cats, kittens an’ pups will be there and they need help too. . . though, I hear there’s even pony rides an’ even pair-a-keets are looking for homes. Come on out and say hi to Ramon. He’s cool and takes great pet pics too.

Anyhows… The big thing is,


It’s just not the way the Rescues, Shelters an’ Humane Societies do things… Ya see, they gotta check you out. I’m talking to the human types – ‘potential’ pet parents. They want to make sure that we get the best homes possible. So bring your old vet records if you have them to prove that you know what your doing.

The peeps in the Charitable Orgs wanna be sure ya got your stuff together before they hand over one of there pets. Too many adoptive parents freak when a new fuzzy family member arrives and poops on the carpet, scratches a couch, or pees on sumthing. Understand, the new digs aren’t really all that ‘til a pet’s made it home – made its presence known. In fact, the new pet really doesn’t get it. They don’t know the difference between insides places and outsides spaces. Ya gotta show ‘em.

So-o-o, plan a meet an’ greet with all the fuzzies you see at the Show, and put your name down as a ADOPTIVE or FOSTER parent. (I was amaz-z-zed, like … “What? Foster Care Parents? Neat!  Peeps taking care of pets ‘til their Org finds ‘em a permanent home. That’s special.”)

Oh … oh … OH! I almost forgot. The peeps looking to Adopt or Foster a pet should get their pics taken next to Hedgy Hogg at the front of the show.  He’s about 5′ tall you can’t miss him.– the Charity Org staff will show ya. After ya meet the pets and peeps and fill out their papers, then go over ta the photo op and putcha mug in the picture.

As a wise pet once said, “After yer done come post it on our Facebook page.  The Address is  While your their say something nice and “Like Us”

See… the Show is all ‘bout “peers.” You doos it, learn it an’ they sees it and learns it. Then they doos it. The next  thing ya know . . . all the pets looking for homes have one, the right one. How’d ya think Faddie Maddie got  adopted? — an’ Frankie 2 Pees became my new brudder? Adoption an’ Foster. That’s how.

If you’ve gotten a rescue pet before ask your rescue group if they have those discount tickets so you can bring them in to say hi and let them know yer doin ok and that your peeps are too. Make sure to have a 6′ flat lead and rabies vaccine is up to date. I’m sure they all would love to see you and your human.

So, there’s the program. Come to the Show and say hello. Then, wash your hands ‘cause pets will be licking ya. Sign the papers an’ do the pic with Hedgy. Soon, you’ll be a parent to a brand new cat, dog, or what-cha-ma-call-it (?). See ya there.

© 2013 Sammy the Show Dogg 2013-09-11 Chicago Pet Shows, Inc.

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