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St Charles Chicago Pet Show For All Animals – Dogs and Cats Alike

With 30 years, over 200 consumer event shows as background, and a love of pets, Peggy Ruh and her staff are proud to announce the production of the 2nd annual

Chicago Pet Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds 525 S Randall Rd., St Charles IL Saturday, November  7 and Sunday, November 8, 2015.

Loving pets is certainly an American trait.  Over 60% of all households have pets, equating to 72 million homes. Dogs lead the pack in 45 million homes with cats coming in second at 38 million.

The Chicago Pet Show management shares this affection – particularly Peggy, parent of three Cavalier rescues (Maddie, Molly and Tinker), Long Haired Chihuahua Lola and a Lhasa Apso (Sammy). The staff’s personal interests expanded professionally when they developed a public expo to help all those in search of a pet, find one – as well as all products and services they may need for pet care.

Of all pets that are brought into homes only 38% are kept long term.  Our goal in hosting the Chicago Pet Show is to help potential forever home parents to learn about different breed types and to assist in finding the perfect family fit, learn about doggie daycares, nutrition, holistic foods and supplies as well as dog waste clean up services.

Peggy says, “All pets, pet services and products are invited to exhibit in the show … even the non-traditional pets.”  At that, she’s referring to exotic animals like, ferrets, birds, and others. “There’s no limitations on what people might expect to see at the show,” states Peggy, “…just a limitation on where I might be in the hall.  I’m a dog lover,” she adds.  Aside from dogs, cats and exotics, the show hopes to exhibit ferrets, sugar gliders, parrots, lovebirds, rabbits, cage birds and hamsters as well.  Peggy says, “No limits… so, who knows!”

Sharing Revenue with Charities and a Goal of 100 Adoptions/Fosters

The primary goal of the Chicago Pet Show is to assist Rescues, Shelters and Humane Societies through the promotion of adoptions and foster care to help overburdened organizations. The Show’s utmost goal is 100 adoption and foster care applicants for Charities to save pet’s lives.

Another benefit to participating Non-Profits (Rescues, Shelters and Humane Societies) is revenue sharing with the show, helping organizations financially, where other shows have a draw back.  Peggy states, “Animals are the main reason people attend. Yet, the pets and the organizations that bring them receive nothing. That seems wrong.”  She adds, “Attendees to the show can get a $1 discount coupon from their favorite Pet Charity, with remaining proceeds shared between the Charity and show.”

 An Affectionate Warning

The Show warns attendees that touching and cuddling a new furry friend is likely to create a loving relationship. There will be plenty of adorable pets to meet from breed-specific Rescue groups to mixed-breed animals from Shelters and Humane Societies. For example, the Rescues include: Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue (Cavalier King Charles); S.T.R.A.E.S.  Shih Tzu; 4 Greyhound Racers; Adoptabull English Bulldogs; It’s A Pittie (Pit Bulls).  In the feline category, there’s St Sophia’s Feline Rescue, Wave Animal Rescue and Open Doors for kittens and cats of all ages. “Each breed has fans and they’re all invited to attend,” states Peggy.  Potential pet parents stand a very good chance of finding exactly the pet their family would love.

Retail and Boutique Business

Retail vendors and Boutique business offer everything from pet food (like, Annamaet, makers of all-natural cat and dog food), treats, Cooper’s Way Jerky and pet gear including clothing, beds, leads, collars and everything else a pet parent or pet may need.

Magic Presentations

Mike DiDomenico as Magic Mike will be performing his magic with the help of rescue pets on Saturday.  Talks and presentations will be held inside the hall in the Speaker’s Area covering animal nutrition, pet health care, training, obedience and the vexing dilemma of “puppy and kitten mills.”

Jim Nesci Cold Blooded Creatures

Jim will entertain attendees on Sunday with a little help from Bubba and other of his exotic creatures.  Get a chance to see close up some amazing animals and learn more from Jim.


Seminars and demos throughout the weekend dealing with massage, acupuncture, training, and how to further explore avenues of things to do with your pet.  Demonstrations will include some of the techniques on how to build up a healthy and successful relationship with your pet and to help you build that family bond.

Call to Exhibit / Call to Attend

“We have a limited amount of space – we don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to exhibit,” Peggy states. “Those interested should call soon.”  Pet businesses of all types and Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organizations wishing to exhibit at the Chicago Pet Show are asked to call (630) 385-4000.

Admission is $7 for adults; free for those under 18 with a parent or senior 65 and over. Get a coupon from one of your local rescues to save $1 making ticket price $6.  Parking is of course FREE.

Carpool if you can as this will be a busy event with loads to see.   This is a busy event.  The rescues are the stars.  If it’s too much excitement for your dog please leave at home.  Thanks! 

The Chicago Pet Show hours are 10am to 5pm, Saturday, and Sunday.  The show is at the Oak Lawn Pavilion located at 9401 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Lawn, IL Located just north of 95th Street just 6 blocks east of Route 294 and just north of 95th Street in Oak Lawn.

A Word From Sammy The Show Dogg

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