Words of Wisdom on Earning Revenue Through the Chicago Pet Show

by Frankie 2 Paws

As deciphered by Sammy the Show Dogg
and reported by Papa J

Pop: Who picked this title?

Sammy: Frank.

Pop: It’s a little nervy, don’t you think? I mean,  ‘Words of Wisdom’ from a one year old pup?!

Sammy: Who’m I ta criticize?!  ‘Sides, he’s nearly 8 . . . in dog years.

Pop: Alrighty then. So what’s big thought of the day?

Sammy: I sense a bit of cynicism. Really? You being critical already?

Pop: That’s my job. ‘Chief Pundit and Critic.’

Sammy: Yeah? Dat on yur biz-nes card?

Pop: Let’s get on with it…

Sammy: So here’s the scoop. Frankie sez dis Rev-an-yoo Sharing thing’s got legs — SORRY FRANK, DIDN’T MEAN TA OFF-END —

F2P: Rrraaasss oookaaay.

Pop: What did he say?

Sammy: He’s cool. Anyhowz, he sez ya gotta come up wit some ideas ta help dese Rescues, Shelters an’ Humane So-si-tees get more outta exhibiting at da Show.  It also works for the companies that sell all da good stuff for us! 

Pop: Like?

Sammy: Well, he’s gotta bunch ideas, like dose “Sign Up Slips” on da
web site, or maybe da emails they send out!  Heck they could even put coupons in press releases that they send out.  Any of  dos places that they do der stuff at.  

Pop: Hey! That was my idea. I came up with that decades ago –
before he was born!

Sammy: Yada, yada, Pop. He did da map.

Pop: No he didn’t. I did.

Sammy: Well, he come up wit da arrow dat points nort, didn’ he?
In case da Org visits wit da parents?

Pop: Big deal? It’s not even an arrow. It was an “N.” He’s trying to steal my work?

Sammy: Whatever! Geeze. Can we move on?

Pop: Yeah . . . whatever.

Sammy: So, he also come up wit dis. Do a postcard dat dey can send ta all dere friends like,
“Friends o’ Aussie Rescue,” an’ “Friends o’ da Gold’n Retrievas.” Dis way, dey can shoot
out da cards jus’ before da Show as a reminder. Makes sense ta me.

Pop: Yeah. I mean, a postcard is a cheap way of reminding people. So, sure.

Sammy: An’ ya can put a map on it . . .

F2P: Wiiiittt nooorrrt.

Sammy: . . . with an arrow pointn’ “north.”

Pop: Is he being a smart alec?

Sammy: Hey. Don’ kill da mess-in-jur. I’m jus’ tellin’ ya wha he sez.

Pop: Right. I’ll work on that. What’s next?

Sammy: Dis-tra-boo-shun.

Pop: What?

Sammy: Dis-tra-boo-shun. You know, like takin’ coupons an’ handin’ dem out at all da events da Orgs go to. Da parties, Da get-ta-gathers, Udder shows. Wherever de Orgs go.

Pop: Okay. This is sounding like a letter we sent to exhibitors after the last Show.

Sammy: Maybe so, Pop. But ya gotta admit, iz a good idea.

Pop: I agree. ESPECIALLY SINCE I WROTE THAT LETTER.  Can’t you see he’s stealing my ideas?

Sammy: Hey. I don’ wanna get in da middle o’ whatever youz guyz ‘r’ squablin’ over. Let’s just say dat’s a good idea an’ move on.

Pop: Whatever. What’s next? As if I didn’t know.

Sammy: Well, he sayz ya should send Discount Coo-pons ta da Charities dat ‘r’ in da Show – one fur dere web page, an’ anudder fur printin’ an’ handin’ out.

Pop: THAT’S IT! I don’t want to hear any more.

Sammy: Waaa – waaa – waaa.

Pop: What do you think I did this last Show? Where do you think the coupons collected at the front entrance came from? I sent them out, and the Orgs distributed them.

Sammy: I know. I know. You dood it, right?

Pop: Yes, “me.” He didn’t sit here entering all those names and send out emails so every exhibitor had Print Coupons and Net Coupons. I did. Me, me, ME!!!

Sammy: Pop, it’s not all ‘bout you. Settle down. Sit. I said, “sit.” Iz ‘bout savin’ pets — not savin’ yur rep. Here’s da thing — ‘bout 15 Charities got attendees in wit da coupons. Not e’nuf. So, whatever ya did, ya gotta do better. 

Pop: Come on, Sam. I did all I could to make sure they had Discount Coupons and could print them and post the artwork on their web site. If the Orgs don’t follow through, what else can I do?

Sammy: Don’t know. I’m jus tellin’ya, not e’nuf. Maybe ya gotta remind da Orgs ‘bout how pets ‘r’ depending on dem ta drive attendance inta da Show. Maybe offer ‘em treats or sum-tin’ . . . works fur Maddie. She loves dem liv-a flava snappies —

Pop: Alright, already. What’s next?

Sammy: Franklin sez a Press Re-leash will help too.

Pop: You mean a “Press Release.”

Sammy: Dat’s what I said, a “Press Re-leash.”

Pop: Okay. For the first time, I’ve heard a NEW idea. Frankie gets credit for that one.

Sammy: See? Like I told ya. He comes up wit ‘em.

Pop: ONE IDEA! That’s it! One.

Sammy: Two, actually. So, how many ideas you come up wit?

Pop: What’s this? A conspiracy? — you on his side now?

Sammy: Jus’ calls ‘em as I sees ‘em. An’ whoz loungn’ on da couch while you work?! F2P’s iz smart ‘nuf.

Pop: I don’t have any more time now. I got a lotta work to do… FRANKIE WORK!

Sammy: Okie doggie. Later.

Pop: That’s, “Okie dokie.” Not “doggie.”

Sammy: Whatever. By da way . . . Franklin jus’ stole one-a yur slippers.

Pop: He looks so innocent. HA!!! If people only knew.

F2P: Phhhhhaaaatttt.

© 2013 Sammy the Show Dogg by Papa J ~ www.ChicagoPetShow.com ~ Chicago Pet Shows, Inc., Producer

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